Bad Engagement Photos: A Selection of Awkward and Funny Engagement Photos

A single-topic Tumblr blog 'Bad Engagement Photos' is dedicated to collect and present funny, awkward and overly-elaborate engagement photos. This humorous blog has enough collection of photos featuring couples announcing their engagement, marriage, and pregnancy news in the most weird and hilarious way.

Although the intention of couples featured in this collection may be to show their love to each other but some awkward gestures and elements which makes them funny and unusual. I hope you will enjoy the collection as much as I have.

awkward pregnancy announcement

bad engagement photos 8

bad engagement photos3

Bad Engagement Photos

bad engagement photos1

bad engagement photos4

bad engagement photos6

bad engagement photos7

funny engagement photos

bad engagement photos8

bad engagement photos 2

bad engagement photos 4

bad engagement photos 5

funny and awkward photos
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