Beau A Toddler and Theo A 2-Month-Old Puppy Nap Together Every Day

The adorable photos of 23-month-old, Beau and a two month old puppy, Theo have recently become one of the cutest and most loveable things on the internet. Thanks to Blogger Jessica Shyba for sharing such mesmerizing shots of her toddler son Beau and her best friend Theo.

Few weeks ago Jessica Shyba and her family found a puppy named Theo. On third day of Theo as part of their family, he joined Beau in his bedroom for his daily nap. And now it is has become a routine for Theo to jump up on the bed to cuddle up with Beau and sleep together for at least two hours for afternoon snuggle time.

Jessica Shyba manages to take some adorable and cutest photos of her baby boy Beau and Theo napping together that will make you say "Awww."

cutest friendship

toddler naps with puppy

daily naptime

 dog and toddler napping together1

dog and toddler napping together2

dog and toddler napping together3

dog and toddler napping together 4

dog and toddler napping together 5

dog and toddler napping together 6

dog and toddler napping together 7

dog and toddler napping together

puppy and a toddler

puppy and toddler nap

toddler  naps with puppy

Beau and Theo
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