Devil’s Pool, Zambia: The Most Dangerous Infinity Pool in the World

The Victoria Falls is one of the world’s biggest, dangerous and most amazing natural wonders at the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. The naturally formed Devil’s Pool is right on the edge of the falls. During dry season when water levels drop, the pool is shallow enough, thus creating the world's highest and most dangerous infinity pool.

Hundreds of adventurous swimmers around the world visit the Victoria Falls in the Zambia and swim through the edge before the waterfall drops more than 100-meter. In the pictures below you will see some breathtaking and most dangerous activities of thrill-seeking peoples.

World’s most dangerous pool

Victoria Falls

adventurous swimmers

dangerous waterfalls

Devil’s Pool Zambia 1

Devil’s Pool Zambia 2

Devil’s Pool Zambia 3

Devil’s Pool Zambia 5

Devil’s Pool Zambia

most dangerous infinity pool

The Devils Pool

World's largest waterfall

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