Popular Internet Cats Recreated As Embroideries Peeking Out of Shirts

The Nara-based artist Hiroko Kubota has created a beautiful series of embroidered images of cats onto some boring school shirts of her son. The Japanese artist started creating clothes at the request of her son, who enjoy collecting pictures of cute cats around the web and have formed a small library of his favorite ones.

The cats of different color seem that they are peeking out of the pockets. When Kubota posted some of her cute creation online they quickly went viral making her to open an Etsy shop. The cat shirts are now available for purchase at a price tag of $250-$300 per piece.

cats meme

embroidered dress shirts1

popular feline reborn

embroidered dress shirt

embroidered dress shirts2

embroidered dress shirts3

embroidered dress shirts4

embroidered dress shirts5

embroidered dress shirts7

embroidered dress shirts

popular internet cats
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