Stunning Time-lapse Video of Homeless Veteran Will Leave You Speechless

Jim Wolf, a 54-year-old United States Army veteran has underwent a dramatic, life-changing makeover at Degage Ministries and Design 1 Salon & Spa. Before this volunteering makeover by a Michigan charity, Wolf had struggled so long with poverty, homelessness and alcoholism and volunteered to go through this transformation.

Poverty has huge impact on our physical appearance and mental well-being. Although the change shown in the video below is superficial but it has given enough motivation to Mr. Jim Wolf that can totally change his life. The makeover includes a haircut, a beard trim and new clothes that you will see in this amazing time-lapse video:  Scroll down for video.
amazing time lapse video

stunning time lapse photos

homeless veteran

life-changing makeover

physical transformation

homeless makeover

Jim Wolf time lapse video

Jim Wolf

Jim Wolf time lapse photos

Jim Wolf time lapse video 1

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