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The 40 Most Powerful Images Ever

Photographs have played extremely important role since the invention of photography. Photos have long been used to record some very special moments of our life. But some of them are very fascinating and unforgettable because of the volume and intensity they speak about.

Below we have put together a collection of incredibly inspiring photos revealing some of the best and worst parts of the human experience, but warning: Some of these may break your heart. Don’t forget to share your feelings, which photo inspired you much and which one moved you to tears.

A firefighter gives water to a koala during the devastating Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, Australia, in 2009

most powerful photos

Starving boy and missionary

Starving boy and missionary

Heart surgeon after 23-hour-long (successful) heart transplant. 
His assistant is sleeping in the corner

Heart surgeon after 23-hour-long (successful) heart transplant

The Graves of a Catholic woman and her 
Protestant husband, Holland, 1888

Graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband

Christians protect Muslims during prayer in the midst of 
the 2011 uprisings in Cairo, Egypt

Christians protect Muslims during prayer

Russian soldiers preparing for the Battle of Kursk, July 1943

Russian soldiers preparing for the Battle of Kursk

An Afghan man offers tea to soldiers

An Afghan man offers tea to soldiers

Australian Scott Jones kisses his Canadian girlfriend Alex Thomas
 after she was knocked to the ground by a police officer 

most powerful photos 5

Embracing couple in the rubble of a collapsed factory

Embracing couple

A Palestinian girl raises her fist against an Israeli soldier

A Palestinian girl raises her fist against an Israeli soldier

Alcoholic father with his son

Alcoholic father with his son

A riot cop in Athens stands next to a wall of flames 
during an anti-austerity protest

amazing photos

Father and son (1949 vs 2009)

Father and son (1949 vs 2009)

A woman hangs onto a street sign in chest deep water 
along the flooded streets in Rangsit 
on the outskirts of Bangkok on October 

images of humanity and solidarity 1

A Greek protestor kicks riot police right in the shield

A Greek protestor kicks riot police right in the shield

Some parents, likely now in their 70′s, 
still looking for their missing child

most amazing images 2

A U.S. Army soldier takes five with an Afghan boy during a patrol
 in Pul-e Alam, Afghanistan.

most amazing images 4

Nicholas Taylor of the United States and teammate David Wagner 
celebrate after the Quad Doubles 
Wheelchair Tennis Gold Medal match.

most amazing images 5

Fashionistas pose for photographs in front of a homeless man 
outside Moynihan Station New York Fashion Week

most amazing images 6

The protester in Bangladesh about to be smashed with a baton

most amazing images 7

Terri Gurrola is reunited with her daughter 
after serving in Iraq for 7 months

most amazing images

Demonstration of condom usage at a public market
 in Jayapura, capital of Papua, 2009

most inspiring images 1

Greg Cook hugs his dog Coco after finding her inside his destroyed home in Alabama following the Tornado in March, 2012

most inspiring images ever

Diego Frazão Torquato, 12 year old Brazilian playing the violin at his teacher’s funeral. The teacher had helped him 
escape poverty and violence through music

most inspiring images

A boy cries as he holds his sister in his lap after a confrontation with squatters and police personnel in Kathmandu, Nepal

most powerful photos 6

“Wait For Me Daddy,” by Claude P. Dettloff in New Westminster, 
Canada, October 1, 1940

most powerful photos ever 1

An old WW2 Russian tank veteran finally found the old tank
 in which he passed through the entire war – 
standing in a small Russian town as a monument

most powerful photos ever 2

During massive floods in Cuttack City, India, in 2011, a heroic villager saved numerous stray cats by carrying them with a 
basket balanced on his head

most powerful photos ever 5

Power of Flower 

most powerful photos ever  3

A dog named “Leao” sits for a second consecutive day 
at the grave of her owner, who died in the 
disastrous landslides near Rio de Janiero in 2011

most powerful photos ever

A girl in isolation for radiation screening looks at her dog through 
a window in Nihonmatsu, Japan on March 14

most powerful shots

Indian homeless men wait to receive free food distributed 
outside a mosque ahead of Eid al-Fitr in New Delhi, India

must see photos

NASA celebrates the successful landing of the Curiosity Rover

NASA celebrates the successful landing of the Curiosity Rover

Zanjeer the dog saved thousands of lives during Mumbai serial blasts  in March 1993. He was buried with full honors in 2000

powerful photography

A Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano in Chechnya in 1994

Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano

Sunset on Mars

Sunset on Mars

A man thinks about his life during floods in the Netherlands

The Dutch floods

A Syrian man carries his daughter to safety as the government shells Aleppo

The father saving his daughter’s life in Syria

A Tibetan exile runs through a street during a protest against 
the upcoming visit of Chinese President Hu Jintao

The man who set himself on fire

This was pulled 1300 feet from the coast and somehow balanced itself on a two story house during the tsunami in Japan

tsunami in Japan

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