Two Brothers Recreated 20 Childhood Photos for Their Mother's 55th Birthday

Two brothers Toma and Paul Alexandru from Bucharest, Romania decided to give something special to their mother on her 55th birthday. So they came up with a meaningful and inventive gift by recreating their favorite childhood pictures into a series of before and after photographs.

Both of the Alexandru brothers were inspired by several examples of recreating old photographs on the internet. They try their best to pose very similar to some of their mother’s favorite photos taken 20 years later. The final result is adorable, funny and of course very special!

two brother before and after photos 2

cool gift ideas1

cool gift ideas

creative birthday gift1

creative birthday gift2

creative birthday gift3

creative birthday gift

mother’s birthday gift 1

mother’s birthday gift

past verses present photos



two brother before and after photos1

two brother before and after photos2

two brother before and after photos
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