12 Shoes for 12 Lovers is A Project Series Representing Artist Former Lover

Sebastian Errazuriz, an intelligent artist and designer from New York created 12 fantastic pairs of 3D printed shoes inspired by 12 ex lovers. Each pair of shoes has a unique design that describes the relationship and personal stories between artist and his ex-girlfriend.

Errrrazuriz is currently working with a famous shoe brand Melissa. Melisa is organizing an exhibition at the Melissa pop-up shop in Miami. The exhibition started from December 6th 2013 and will continue till January 6th 2014. Without doubt the series, "12 shoes for 12 lovers" is a documentation of love, relationships, and personal vulnerability.

12 shoes for 12 lovers

12 shoes for 12 lovers

Sebastian Errazuriz

crazy shoe design

creative shoe design

lovers shoe

3D printed shoes

Shoe Sculptures

12 shoes for 12 lovers

12 shoes for 12 lovers

12 shoes for 12 lovers

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