23 Hilariously Inappropriate Notes Written By Kids In 2013

We all know that kids are shockingly inappropriate and have certain unusual habits. They like to say adorable things and can write weird and funny material to each other during class. So we need to pay attention to their hilarious and poorly spelled notes that are sometimes full of great advice.

Below we have put together a collection of some delightful notes written by kids expressing their true feelings to their teachers, parents and friends. So here are some of the best kids' notes that will make your day!

most hilarious kids notes 4

funny kids notes 1

funny kids notes 2013 2

funny kids notes 2013 5

funny kids notes 2013 6

funny kids notes 2013 7

funny kids notes 2013 8

 funny kids notes 2013  1

funny kids notes to teacher 2

funny kids notes to teacher 5

funny kids notes to teacher

funny kids notes

funny kids

inappropriate kids notes

kids notes to parents 1

kids notes to parents

most hilarious kids notes 2

most hilarious kids notes 3

most hilarious kids notes 5

most hilarious kids notes

funny kids notes 2013

funny kids notes 2013 4
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