Johnson Tsang Brings Life to Cups and Bowls in His New Ceramic Sculptures

This is not the first time that we are writing about strange and beautiful anthropomorphic sculptures by Johnson Tsang. We have already feature realistic stainless steel sculptures by Hong Kong-based artist that appears to peer out from cascades of frozen liquid. Tsang’s work lies between abstract and figurative art combined with surrealist imagination.

Today we are going to show you more stunning and new sculptures by Tsang in which he brings life to ceramic bowls and cups. I hope you will enjoy this sculpture series as much as I have.

abstract art

new ceramic sculptures by Johnson Tsang

new ceramic sculptures by Johnson Tsang4

new ceramic sculptures

Ceramic Bowls and Cups

Johnson Tsang

new ceramic sculptures by Johnson Tsang1

new ceramic sculptures by Johnson Tsang2

realistic sculptures

stainless steel sculptures
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