New Glass Room Installation In The French Alps Offers You Awe-Inspiring Views

A tourism company based in France has installed a brand new glass skywalk in the French Alps, some of the most high-altitude landscapes in the world. This new installation called ‘Step Into the Void’ on the uppermost terrace of Aiguille du Midi, one of the tallest attraction in Europe give you access to awe-inspiring views when you look straight down through the glass floor to 395 feet (or 1,035 meters) below.

When you step into this glass room, it looks like it's suspended in mid-air and gives you the pleasure of walking on air. “Step into the Void” is inspired by the Grand Canyon's Skywalk and took three years to complete and can withstand winds of up to 200kmph. The attraction is now open for those who doesn't care about heights.

new glass room installation

French Alps

glass skywalk1

glass skywalk

highest mountain peak

highest tourist attractions1

New Glass Room Installation In The French Alps 1

New Glass Room Installation In The French Alps

highest tourist attractions

tallest attraction in Europe

Step Into the Void


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