These Shelter Dogs’ Freedom Ride Photos Will Make Your Day

If you are thinking to adopt a shelter or rescue dog, then these photos of shelter dogs’ freedom rides to their new homes will melt your heart and make you want to adopt a dog ASAP. All of these dogs waited for months at Chicago Animal Care and Control for their new owner to take them to their homes. Although we don’t know exactly what these dogs are thinking, but one thing that is pretty sure to me they look so happy to go to their forever homes. Check out!

dogs on freedom ride 4

dogs journey

dogs on freedom ride 1

shelter dogs

Chicago Animal Care and Control

dogs journey to new home

freedom ride photos

dogs on freedom ride 3

dogs on freedom ride 5

dogs on freedom ride

dogs on freedom ride 2

dogs rides to their new homes

freedom ride photos1

Freedom Ride Photos 1

Shelter Dogs’ Freedom Ride
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