Bizarre Sketches Transform Everyday Objects into Delightful Illustrations

Artist Victor Nunes in his recent series “Faces,” combines ordinary objects such as pairs of scissors to pumpkin seeds in order to produce incredible faces, animals and other wildly animated scenes. Nunes has an amazing sense of humor and his art is a wonderful example of pareidolia that make us to look faces in most delightful and unusual places.

The artist started off with sketchbook doodles and adds old wine corks, coffee mugs, popcorn and various other every-day objects filled with goofy line drawings and sketches and the results are both comical and weird at the same time. 

Artist Victor Nunes

Victor Nunes Faces1

Victor Nunes Faces

quirky scenes

unusual faces1

Artist Victor Nunes2

Artist Victor Nunes drawings1

Artist Victor Nunes drawings2

Artist Victor Nunes drawings

creative illustrations

everyday objects transformed

quirky scenes1

unusual faces
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