Girl Spent A Year Reenacting The Selfies of Stranger Who Stole Her Iphone

Danielle Bruckman lost her iPhone on January 1, 2013 while celebrating the New Year's Eve/Day. She did not know whether she lost it or it was stolen.  Few days after Bruckman lost her phone she found thief’s selfies began appearing on her Apple Cloud account. Thanks to the Apple's automatic Internet backup service, Bruckman receives copies of every photo he takes.

Instead of contacting Apple or calling the cops, she decided to start a Tumblr blog ‘My Cloud Pal ‘where she posts reenactments of some of mustachioed’s most ridiculous shots throughout the year. The project “one woman’s journey, through another man’s selfies” is both hilarious and creepy at the same time. I hope you will enjoy!

Danielle Bruckman

My Cloud Pal

funny selfies

hilarious selfies

funny reenactments

one woman’s journey

Selfies of the thief

Danielle Bruckman selfies
Danielle Bruckman selfies1

Danielle Bruckman selfies2

Danielle Bruckman selfies 3

Danielle Bruckman selfies 4

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