"Miserable Men" Shopping With Families Is The Most Unhappy Thing On Instagram

According to a survey conducted by GE Money the average 63-year-old woman spent more than 8 years of her total life in shopping while on the other hand man totally dislike shopping malls. A single topic Instagram account titled “Miserable Men” shared some hilarious photos of bored-to-death men waiting for their partner and family members to finish shopping.

All these bored men seems to be here for a while, some of them holding purses other finding a comfortable spot on a chair and falling asleep in the mall. Most of the guys look like they'd rather be anywhere else or trapped forcedly in shopping hell.

worst shopping experience

most bored men

man worst shopping experience

Miserable Men1

Miserable Men3

Miserable Men


saddest holiday shopping



most bored men1

most bored men2

most bored men3

most boring things for men

worst shopping experience1

man worst shopping experience2
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