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4-Year-Old Girl Creates Stylish Dresses Made Out of Paper

Meet Mayhem, a four-year-old young girl whose love for fashion is just amazing. The young girl with her mom Angie have found a totally unique way to bond together in a stylish design dress made out of papers. They spend several months to design unique and creative paper gowns inspired by TV shows, books and photos from the red carpet. The mother-daughter team also created an Instagram account and blog to present their cool and stylish creations online. They use different stuff like bags, tape, silk scarves, glue, tissue paper and other household objects to create elegant and fashionable dresses. Although Mayhem has no background in fashion or dress design but everyday she is learning new skills and growing his knowledge in dress designing. After looking her creations I personally recognize her as an intelligent young designer in the world of fashion.

Most Adorable Photos From The Westminster Dog Show 2014

The annual Westminster competition is no doubt a biggest day in the dog world. The 138th annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show was held on February 10, 2014 to February 11, 2014 at Madison Square Garden, New York City. More than 2,800 dogs of 190 different breeds with four groups: Hound, toy, non-sporting and herding traveled around the world to get a chance to be named “Best” in Show award. Below we have put together a collection of most adorable photos from the annual Westminster dog show 2014. Don’t forget to share your favorite one in the comment section.

Creatively Surreal Guerilla Murals by Fintan Magee

Graffiti artist Fintan Magee was born in Lismore, Australia.  He then move to Brisbane where he began drawing and involved in activates related to creating and practicing the art. The Brisbane-based artist is specialized in large-scale guerilla murals. Inspired by children’s books, these surreal murals are largely incorporated with urban environment and have creatively transforms the city streets into beautiful outdoor galleries. Check out!

Hilarious Photos Of Angry Wet Cats

Cats are considered as a cool and cute creature of the world. Cats love and play with mice but hate water especially domestic and house cats. They are also known for being angry about getting wet and they didn't look cute and pretty when they are wet. When outdoor cats get dirty they may need a bath from time to time but they didn't enjoy water because of getting water in their ears and eyes. Enjoy the photos of these funny-looking wet cats.

Sweetest Photos Of Hammie Bulldog With His Cute Foster Kittens

Some dogs and cats don't like and get along with each other. But some dogs and cats develop deep and long-lasting bonds with each other. Here we have put the same case in today's post. (Michelle Parden) RorschachBulldogs, a regular user of Reddit shared some cute pictures of her dog Hammie and a foster kitten a week ago on Reddit. The photos were so cute and natural that they went viral and everyone commented on this cute relationship. All the kittens are born from local stray cat. In October Parden's friend posted a Post of finding a foster home for a pregnant cat on Facebook. On Halloween cat gave birth to six cute kittens and found stray in Valparaiso, Nebraska then Parden decided that she had them all in her house. She slowly introduced all the little cats to her bulldog (Hammie) to socialize them. Take a look and enjoy!

Brilliant Photos Show Tiny LEGOgrapher On His Travels Around Britain

British photographer Andrew Whyte has captured the adventures of a legographer in his new photographic series, “The Legographer”. Creative photographer used Legographer, a Lego character who travelled across the UK for taking photos. He just carries the Lego man in his pocket wherever he goes and when he finds a good and attractive location, snaps a picture of his LEGO man in action with his Iphone 4S. "The Legographer” series contains 365 shots, one image a day of him doing all sorts of things. Here we've compiled a list of some beautiful and attractive photos from the series.

Honeybees Transforms Ordinary Sculptures Into Honeycomb

Canadian artist Aganetha Dyck created delicate sculptures by using apiary feeder boards and hive blankets. Dyck uses honeybees to decorate her sculptures. The industrious insects create graceful lines and contours over the shapes of figures. These honeycomb patterns enhance the beauty and grace of the sculptures. She describes that she purchases a broken or damaged object from market and then strategically add wax or honey over it and put it in hive blankets. Bees respond to what is placed within their hive and start making wax honeycomb over the ordinary objects.

Hilariously Reactions Of Visitors At Nightmares Fear Factory Haunted House

A haunted house, " Nightmares Fear Factory " in Niagara Falls, Canada captured more than 1500 terrified and hilarious reaction shots of visitors at a particularly frightening portion during their visit. The haunted house captured the petrified reactions of visitors through a hidden camera during their 15-minute, pitch-black tour in the haunted house. The victims range from teenagers of school to dads dressed up like Indiana Jones, and all visitors seem to react the exact same way. Chek out the hilarious reactions of people in Haunted House.

Unlikely And Adorable Friendships Between Chihuahua And Silkie Chicken

Roo a two-legged Chihuahua and Penny a silkie chicken become best friends with each other in Georgia. Alicia Williams, a worker of Duluth Animal Hospital saved their lives from almost certain death. She saved Roo from a ditch in a park near road and saved and rescued Penny, a silkie chicken from a laboratory where she was an experimental poultry in that program. Roo was born without front legs. Both become inseparable since Alicia Williams rescued their lives. Check out the following list showing their liking for each other.

These Amazing 3D GIFs Will Make You Believe Things Popping Out of The Screen

While 3D Animation Movie and TV seems to be a hot trend now a days, but a recent trick to create animated gifs by utilizing depth of field and graphic elements is pushing boundaries among gif creators. The gif creators us a simple but deceptive technique by adding few white lines to the moving images and for a moment it looks like things are popping out of the screen. This amazing trick enables them to achieve 3D effect and make us view a gif image to another level. Take a look!