Artist Creates Bizarre Portraits of His Family by Stitching into Palm of His Hand

A 21-year-old Spanish artist David Cata uses his hands as a canvas to embroider bizarre portraits of his family members, girlfriends, teachers, lovers and partners on to his palms. In his series title ‘a flor de piel’ (Under the Skin) the artist uses needle-and-thread to write an autobiographical diary of those beloved people who have a great impacted on his life.

This stunning artwork takes about four hours to complete. Cata usually use a weight sewing thread that creates small and loose stitches on his hand. He then presents these portraits with photography and videography and I personally consider it as the most bizarre art-forms I’ve ever seen.

most bizarre art forms

portraits created by stitching into body

stitching into skin

hand tattoos1

hand tattoos

most unusual portraits

stitching into body 1

stitching into body

stitching into skin1

tattoos created by stitching3

tattoos created by stitching4

tattoos created by stitching5

tattoos created by stitching

tattoos piercings1

tattoos piercings

unusual portraits

most bizarre art forms2

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