Brilliant Photos Show Tiny LEGOgrapher On His Travels Around Britain

British photographer Andrew Whyte has captured the adventures of a legographer in his new photographic series, “The Legographer”. Creative photographer used Legographer, a Lego character who travelled across the UK for taking photos. He just carries the Lego man in his pocket wherever he goes and when he finds a good and attractive location, snaps a picture of his LEGO man in action with his Iphone 4S. "The Legographer” series contains 365 shots, one image a day of him doing all sorts of things. Here we've compiled a list of some beautiful and attractive photos from the series.

Lego man out and caputre some shots

The Legographer

Leg O'Grapher

adventures of a Legographer


Lego Man
ego character

minifigure photographer

Tiny LEGOgrapher

Legography Series

Lego Man

The Legographer
    Source: Petapixel

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