Hilariously Reactions Of Visitors At Nightmares Fear Factory Haunted House

A haunted house, "Nightmares Fear Factory" in Niagara Falls, Canada captured more than 1500 terrified and hilarious reaction shots of visitors at a particularly frightening portion during their visit. The haunted house captured the petrified reactions of visitors through a hidden camera during their 15-minute, pitch-black tour in the haunted house. The victims range from teenagers of school to dads dressed up like Indiana Jones, and all visitors seem to react the exact same way. Chek out the hilarious reactions of people in Haunted House.

 Nightmares Fear Factory

Haunted House

Haunted House Photos

Haunted House Pictures

Haunted House Reactions

Niagara Falls Haunted House

Nightmare Fear Factory
Nightmares Factory Canada

Nightmares Factory Haunted House

Funniest Haunted House Reactions

HALLOWEEN rctionsa

 Nightmares Fear Factory

Terrified Reactions At Nightmares Fear Factory

hilarious reactions of tourists

 Nightmares Fear Factory
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