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Honeybees Transforms Ordinary Sculptures Into Honeycomb

Canadian artist Aganetha Dyck created delicate sculptures by using apiary feeder boards and hive blankets. Dyck uses honeybees to decorate her sculptures. The industrious insects create graceful lines and contours over the shapes of figures. These honeycomb patterns enhance the beauty and grace of the sculptures. She describes that she purchases a broken or damaged object from market and then strategically add wax or honey over it and put it in hive blankets. Bees respond to what is placed within their hive and start making wax honeycomb over the ordinary objects.

aganetha creative honeycomb sculptures

Honeycomb sculptures

Bee wax honeycomb
honeycomb patterns over sculptures

Aganetha Dyck wax sculptures

Honeycombs by Aganetha Dyck

sculptures wrapped in honeycumb

 wax honeycomb

Bee wax honeycomb

Aganetha Dyck wax sculptures

Honeycombs by Aganetha Dyck

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