Recreated Iconic Portraits And Paintings By Jane Perkins

British artist Jane Perkins created amazing portraits of iconic figures and celebrities by using thousands of multicolored recycled found objects. Every portrait is a compilation of numerous objects that have different colors, shapes, sizes and textures. She used all sorts of plastic objects including buttons, chains, LEGO pieces, beads, shells, plastic spoons, clothespins and figurines. 

She created recognizable iconic paintings and portraits of Mona Lisa, Albert Einstein and Nelson Mandela. Each piece of her incredible recreated art work is a classic masterpiece that can be liked and appreciated from afar and up-close.

portraits by jane perkins1

Iconic Portraits by jane perkins

Amazing portraits of iconic figures

jane perkins recreated images

Famed Portraits and Paintings by jane perkins

Iincredible recreated art work

jane perkins artwork

jane perkins artwork

portraits by jane perkins

     Source: Jane Perkins Via
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