Sweetest Photos Of Hammie Bulldog With His Cute Foster Kittens

Some dogs and cats don't like and get along with each other. But some dogs and cats develop deep and long-lasting bonds with each other. Here we have put the same case in today's post. (Michelle Parden) RorschachBulldogs, a regular user of Reddit shared some cute pictures of her dog Hammie and a foster kitten a week ago on Reddit.

The photos were so cute and natural that they went viral and everyone commented on this cute relationship. All the kittens are born from local stray cat. In October Parden's friend posted a Post of finding a foster home for a pregnant cat on Facebook. On Halloween cat gave birth to six cute kittens and found stray in Valparaiso, Nebraska then Parden decided that she had them all in her house. She slowly introduced all the little cats to her bulldog (Hammie) to socialize them. Take a look and enjoy!

Hammie bulldog and foster kittens

Cute   kittens and bulldog

hammie bulldog with foster kitten

Cute Kitten and dog

Taming Feral Kittens

hammie bulldog
Source: [Reddit, Omaha]
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