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Photographer Takes Magical Portraits With Wild Animals

Russian fine art photographer Katerina Plotnikova creates these surreal and dreamy images inspired by fairy tales. Moscow-based … Read more

30 Hilarious People Who Don’t Care About Your Rules

Our world relies on rules but sometimes you’ve got to ignore the rules. There is one of these rule-breakers, who not only break … Read more

30 Hilarious Struggles Only Cat People Will Understand

Most pet owners love to have cats as their furry companions and the true joy that come with sharing their lives with companion a… Read more

Creative Artist Turns Babies’ Head-Shaping Helmets into Beautiful Art

Washington-based artist Paula Strawn combines his incredible ability with his passion of art to decorate corrective helmets for … Read more

Shocking Before and After Photos of Drug Abuse

Methamphetamine is widely known to be the world's most dangerous drug and the number of drug addicts in America is increasin… Read more

Famous Landmarks Zoomed Out To Show Reality of Their Surroundings

Most of us have seen the stock photo versions of these great wonders of the world and majestic landmarks. Hopefully few of you m… Read more

15 of The Most Scariest Places on Earth

No doubt our planet is a lovely, welcoming place but there are still a few unique, terrifying and scary locations where you don&… Read more

These 30 Smiley Animals Will Make Your Day A Little Cuter

Animals have feelings and can express them on different occasion.  They have tendency to whine when they are upset, growl when t… Read more

Awesome Supercut Of Director Wes Anderson's Symmetrical Center Shot

Watching any movie by Wes Anderson you may have notice his classic visual aesthetic and conventional style of film making. The… Read more

Adorable Friendship Between A Little Girl And Her English Bulldog

From the day her daughter Harper was born, professional lifestyle photographer Rebecca Leimbach has been documenting adorable fr… Read more

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