20 Hilarious Photos of Cats and Dogs Losing the Battle with Human Furniture

While decorating and furnishing our home we usually ignore our furry companions. Our pets are part of the family and they want to be anywhere we are in search for a comfortable spot. But not all the pets have mastered the art of sitting on human type furniture and sometimes they go hilariously wrong despite their best efforts.

Luckily their owners are always there to capture some hilarious fails of their loving pets. So below are some really funny examples of cats and dogs losing the battle with human furniture.

cats and dogs losing the battle1

stuck animals

animal fails1

animal fails2

 animal fails

cats and dogs losing the battle

epic cat fails1

epic cat fails2

funny dogs

funny cats and dogs

funny cats ever

funny cats photos

funny cats

funny dog fails

funny dogs fails1

funny dogs fails

funny dogs

funny pets photos

furry companions

hilarious fails
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