Aliza Razell Beautifully Merged Watercolors and Photographs in Her Surreal Paintings

Today the art of self-portraits has attained new heights mainly because of Photoshop editing but still many artists use surreal techniques in their photos. Aliza Razell is also one of those artists. Aliza Razell belongs to Massachusetts, United States. She uses surreal in a more tangible manner in her images.

Aliza has beautifully combined variety of watercolor shades and photography in her surreal artwork. She introduces a visually striking element in her black and white Photos by using vibrant strokes of watercolor. Have a look on the below images and enjoy the beautiful art of creative artist Aliza Razell.

Artist Aliza Razell, Surreal watercolor Paintings

Artist Aliza Razell

Watercolor Portraits

Watercolor Portraits by aliza
Surreal watercolor artwork

 Watercolor and Photography

Aliza Razell watercolor

Aliza Razell watercolor

 Watercolor Portraits

Aliza  Watercolor Portraits