‘Both Sides Of’ by Alex John Beck Explores True Beauty with Facial Symmetry

Symmetrical faces both in fashion industry and real life thought to be a standard for true beauty. ‘Both Sides Of’ is a project by British-born, New York-based photographer Alex John Beck that offers two sets of symmetrical faces. As you know that everyone has a good and bad side so in this stunning series of photographs John Beck try to show us which one actually it is.

The photographer took different portraits of models and creates symmetrical images by mirroring the right side of the face while the other images takes the left half of the subject's face and the resulted photos were placed side-by-side for comparison. The final results are just amazing!

symmetry attractiveness

symmetrical images

both sides of by Alex John Beck2

both sides of by Alex John Beck1

both sides of by Alex John Beck-2

face symmetry

both sides of by Alex John Beck-5

both sides of by Alex John Beck

facial symmetry pictures

symmetrical faces
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