Father Documents Breathtaking Moments of His Kids As They Grow Up

Photographer Alain Laboile has been capturing some beautiful and heartwarming photos of his family and kids since 2004. He decided to document these precious childhood moments of his 6 children into a series of wonderful photographs called La Famille. All the photos in the series are captured in black and white that make the photographs more creative and represent a family life at its best.

photographer Alain Laboile

La Famille by Alain Laboile3

father photography

black and white photography1

black and white photography

breathtaking childhood moments

dad photographs kids

heartwarming photos

kids photography

La Famille by Alain Laboile2

La Famille by Alain Laboile5

La Famille by Alain Laboile6

La Famille by Alain Laboile7

La Famille by Alain Laboile

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