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Photographer Takes Magical Portraits With Wild Animals

Russian fine art photographer Katerina Plotnikova creates these surreal and dreamy images inspired by fairy tales. Moscow-based photographer started taking interest in photography some 5 years ago and specializes in a photography that will take you to the scariest world of imagination. We have already featured her work on our site but today we have some special collection of her photographs captured with real animals. I hope you will enjoy these mythical and romantic portraits as much as I have. Check out!

surreal portraits
animal photography
Katerina Plotnikova -1
Katerina Plotnikova-2

dream-like photography2

dream-like photography

fairy tales inspired photos

imaginative photography

Katerina Plotnikova


photographer Katerina Plotnikova1

photographer Katerina Plotnikova2

photographer Katerina Plotnikova-1

photographer Katerina Plotnikova

photos with wild animals2

photos with wild animals

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