These 30 Smiley Animals Will Make Your Day A Little Cuter

Animals have feelings and can express them on different occasion.  They have tendency to whine when they are upset, growl when they’re mad and smile when they feel happy. Scientist have found that animals may have a more complex range of emotions and sometimes their expression could be quite similar to us. So here are 30 adorable photos of ridiculously happy animals proving that animals have emotions and they can smile too!

happy animals photos

most adorable animals

happiest dog

happiest animals in the world1

most adorable animals1

 cute smiling cats

cute animals

cute happy animals

cute smiling animals2

cute smiling animals

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happiest animals in the world

happiest animals

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happiest dog1

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happy animals pictures 5

happy animals pictures

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smiley animals

smiling animal faces2

smiling animal faces

smiling animals 2

smiling animals

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