Victoria Siemer Digitally Inserts Computerized Error Messages Into Human Experience

‘Human Error’ is a weekly updated photography series by Brooklyn-based graphic designer Victoria Siemer. In this series the artist digitally insert an experiential computerized error message over scanned Polaroid films.

The error message in these images prompts the viewer to perform desired action like “making changes” to heart, “moving on” from an unsuccessful relationship, “erasing all feelings” from the heart, “deleting” inhabitations and so on.

Siemer’s series creatively draw a line between modern technology and reality and her message is probably to show us that feelings and emotions are more complex than a simple mouse clicks.

Victoria Siemer human error

Computer Errors Messages In Real Life

computerized error messages

human error

human feelings

photography by Victoria Siemer

Computer Errors Messages In Real Life1

Victoria Siemer human error1

Victoria Siemer human error-1

Victoria Siemer
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