20 Classical Paintings Reproduced As Photographs

The creative at Booooom.com recently started a project with the title “Remake” in which they invited creative art lovers to reproduce iconic paintings with photography without the use of any image editing software including Adobe Photoshop. In this remake project Boooooom partnered up with Adobe inviting students from U.K. to participate and send their remakes without digital manipulations.

Below is our pick of the best remakes capturing the basic visual theme and original atmosphere of the masterpieces they imitated.

famous paintings reproduced

iconic paintings

famous paintings reproduced-3

famous paintings reproduced-4

famous paintings reproduced-2

famous paintings reproduced, recreation of classical paintings

famous paintings reproduced-6

famous paintings reproduced-7

famous paintings reproduced-8

famous paintings reproduced-9

famous paintings reproduced-10

famous paintings reproduced-11

famous paintings reproduced-12

famous paintings reproduced-13

photo remakes

recreation of classical paintings

famous paintings1

famous paintings reproduced, recreation of classical paintings1

famous paintings reproduced-1

famous paintings reproduced-5

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