A Fascinating Miniature World Of Frogs Captured By Wil Mijer

Wil Mijer is a talented Dutch photographer who loves capturing the beautiful and fascinating world of colorful tropical frogs. She has a unique and special place in her heart for tinny creatures like butterflies, spiders, flies and frogs.

Mijer’s vivid and dream-like macro photographs feature incredible world of frogs perched on tropical plants and hanging out on plant stems. Although frogs are not the most common object in macro photography but these images below demonstrate them truly amazing and extraordinary creature of the nature.

animal photography, frogs

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Wil Mijer frog photography-1

miniature world of frogs

Wil Mijer frog photography-5

Wil Mijer, cute tinny creatures

Wil Mijer frog photography-8

macro photography

colorful frogs

tinny creatures, animal photography

Wil Mijer frog photography-7

Wil Mijer frog photography

Wil Mijer, tinny creatures

Wil Mijer frog photography-3

Wil Mijer macro photography-2

Wil Mijer macro photography-1

Wil Mijer macro photography
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