Artist Ivan Hoo Creates Stunning Photorealistic Drawings on Wooden Boards

Singapore-based artist Ivan Hoo creates imaginative drawings on wooden boards that look amazingly realistic. Hoo's work is inspired by some other photorealists like Audrey Flack and Roberto Bernadi who have shown their skills and talent in realistic still life artworks. He uses wood boards as medium to draw incredibly realistic drawings with the help of pencils and pastels and at first glance it is almost impossible to tell that if they are real or not.

wooden drawings

Photorealistic Drawings on Wooden Boards-1

photorealism, artist Ivan Hoo-1

hyper realistic drawings

photorealism, artist Ivan Hoo

Photorealistic Drawings on Wooden Boards

Photorealistic Drawings on Wooden Boards-3

photorealistic drawings, wooden drawings

photorealistic drawings

realistic drawing

realistic illustration

wooden drawings, hyper realistic drawings

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