Dad Makes Clever Photo Manipulations With His Three Daughters

John Wilhelm is a 44-year-old Switzerland-based photographer and digital artist. He has great abilities and very playful mind to create wonderful photo manipulations mostly of his girlfriend Judith and his three daughters Lou, Mila and Yuna. John combines his digital-image editing techniques with his brilliant imagination that not only capture the attention of viewers but also make them believe its fantastical presentation.

kids photography, John Wilhelm, creative dad

most amazing photo manipulations-1

kids photography, John Wilhelm, creative dad-3

photo manipulation, creative photo manipulations

photo manipulation

digital photo manipulation

digital photo manipulation, kids photography-3

John Wilhelm, creative dad, most amazing photo manipulations

digital photo manipulation, kids photography-5

digital photo manipulation, kids photography-2

creative photo manipulations

kids photography, John Wilhelm, creative dad

kids photography, John Wilhelm, creative dad-2

kids photography, John Wilhelm

most amazing photo manipulations

wonderful photo manipulations, Photography

digital photo manipulation, kids photography
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