Growing Ultra Small Bonsai Plants Is The Hot New Trend In Japan

In the recent years a new trend of raising tiny bonsai trees in miniature planters is taking over Japan. Growing itty-bitty bonsai plants is a traditional art in Japan. These plants are only 3 cm (about 1 inch) in height and take very less amount of space so a perfect fit for those who don’t have much gardening space in their homes.

This hot trend has given a rise to a new category called ultra-small bonsai, or cho-mini bonsai. The internet also responding well to the demand created by this trend for tiny pots, mini display shelves and wee gardening supplies that are as beautiful as these trees and plants.

miniature plants, itty bitty plants

miniature trees

cho-mini bonsai

indoor plants

small space gardening-1

small space gardening

ultra-small bonsai

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