Inseparable Natural Relation Between a Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan

Three known beasts of the jungle live together at Noah’s Ark rescue center in Locust Grove, Georgia. They are the only lion, tiger and bear in the world that live with each other in the same environment. Police officers discovered the trio in 2001 in Atlanta during a raid against narcotics. At that time they were just few months old. Administrators of the zoo decided to keep them together and from that time they are with each other in their very own habitat.

You can visit the zoo and watch the 350-pound Bengal tiger, 350-pound African lion and 1,000-pound American Black bear living and cuddling there. Leo is the name of African lion, Baloo is a black Bear and Shere Khan is the name of Bengal Tiger.

Bear, tiger and lion living at Noah's Ark

Bear and Tiger

Bear, lion and tiger

Beasts living together

Lion and tiger cuddling with each other

Trio beasts playing

Lion and Tiger
Photography by Noah's Ark

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