Meet Millie: The Adopted Cat Who Becomes The Best Climbing Partner

Meet Millie, a fully devoted and adorable domestic cat who loves scrambling up mountains with her owner Craig Armstrong. Millie was few days old when abandoned by her owners but luckily adopted by Craig Armstrong and now they are inseparable mountain-climbing partners.

“I go on a lot of weekend climbing adventures. I always figured when I have a pet friend, I’ll take her with me. It never seemed odd to me, just seems like something I’d do with my pet, take her places,” Craig said.

Unlike all other cats Millie doesn’t feel shy when outdoors. She has become a mountain-climbing legend who shares the same passion as her owner.

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Cute, adopted cat

Craig Armstrong, Millie

Millie The Adopted Cat

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Millie The Adopted Cat-1

craig armstrong millie
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