Pregnant Bellies of Women Used As Canvas For Beautiful & Intricate Paintings

A group of enthusiastic painters called, Pacific FacePainters used big and beautiful pregnant bellies as a canvas for showing their art. Through their paintings the group honor and bless the growing baby in a belly before he or she comes into the world. The painters group belongs to Santa Cruz, California.

The group presents its services of face paintings on different occasions of birthday parties, gatherings, and any other event in which they are invited. Check out the below list of some of the most amazing and wonderful pregnant belly paintings. If you want to see more creative work of the group, you can visit here.

Pregnant Women

Beautiful belly
Beautiful bump art

Beautiful bump

Belly Painting

Pregnancy Belly Art

Pregnant Bellies Of Women

Pregnant Belly Painting by Lisa Flora

Pregnant Belly Painting

Pregnant-BellyPainting art

wonderful pregnant belly paintings

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