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Creative Embroidered Leaf Art By Hillary Fayle

Hillary Fayle, a creative artist and student of embroidery has created a wonderful and delicate embroidered leaves that beautifully combines traditional and original embroidery techniques. Hillary Fayle is currently working on a MFA in Craft/Material studies at the Virginia. You can find more about her work on her website.

Woman Had Her Picture Photoshopped In 25 Countries To Compare Global Beauty Standard

Esther Honig, a U.S.-based freelance journalist and social media manager came up with a breathtaking photography project titled “Before and After.”  In this project she photoshopped her face in over 25 countries to show us how much cultural values are applied to standards of women’s beauty world-wide? Take a look! Original Photo Philippines Morocco

Funny Photo Series of People Posed as If They Have Just Fallen

Sandro Giordoan is a creative photographer from Italy who has created a hilarious photograph series of different people falling down among all their belongings. Title of this tragic and humorous photo series is ""In Extremis (bodies with no regret)"". He captured photos of people in awkward and uncomfortable-looking positions with terrible falls, spilling all their stuff here and there in a “yard sale” of sorts. The subjects look like in miserable positions with no attempt of saving themselves as they have different objects in their hands. Take a look on the following miserable images of people falling down with comically awkward positions.

36, 000 Years Old Cave Paintings In France

Art is such an amazing talent that anyone can have. World's earliest known art has been awarded and declared as World Heritage status in a prehistoric cave in the Ardeche region of southern France. The cave has more than 100 drawings dating back some 36,000 years ago. The art in the cave proves the fact that artist do exist even in the Stone Age. UNESCO's World Heritage Committee declared the status to the cave in a meeting in Doha. Take a look on the following historic cave drawings.

Dem Guts: A Sexy Swimsuit That Illustrate the Human Anatomy

A funky Australian clothing company, Black Milk Clothing has created a unique swimsuit, named “ Dem Guts “ that illustrates the anatomy of the human torso. The suit illustrates the heart, lungs, intestines, and muscles in a natural sexy way. The price of this sexy Dem Guts Swimsuit is $85. Surprisingly the swimsuit has sold very well and there is limited stock remaining there. Have a look on the following eye-catching sexy swimsuit designed by Black Milk Clothing Company.

Amazing Bottled Smoke Artworks of Jim Dingilian

Jim Dingilian is one of those creative artists who stretch the limits of creativity with their unique and incredibly creative artworks. Jim uses empty glass bottles as a medium to create impressive artworks. In addition he uses candle soot as paint and skewers and needles as brushes in creating stunning sketches. He collects empty liquor bottles of different shapes, sizes and colors from the sides of roads or in the weeds near the edges of parking lots. Take a look on the following meticulous scenes on smoke bottles. For more information you can visit the gallery .

These Powerful Animal Ad Campaigns Will Make You Rethink Your Life

Today advertising companies make powerful and effective advertisement to create awareness about important social and environmental issues and animal rights. Through these powerful animal ads, we get a clear message that animals can be save from the brink of extinction, or keep them safe from exploitation. Today we've compiled a list of some powerful and shocking advertisement campaigns that you may have never seen before. We hope it will inspire people and will helpful in creating awareness about this serious situation. 1. Every 60 Seconds A Species Dies Out. Each Minute Counts 2. WWF: Desertification Destroys 6,000 Species Every Year

Incredible Before-and-After VFX Shots From Popular Movies And TV Series

It is a fact that visual effects are now a complete part of the film making industry. Huge and large budget movies cannot be completed without these visual effects. It is now a trend that every movie and TV producer uses VFX to create magic scenes. Visual effects technically change any color, building, ground, tree even human beings in the scene.These all changes look so natural that viewers can no longer tell what's real and what's been modified. Today we've collected a unique collection of before-and-after shots for your inspiration. Check out! District 9 Deadly Honeymoon Gravity The Avengers

Unrecognized Images of Animals without Their Natural Coat of Hair

Only human beings are not the only creatures who suffer hair loss. Animals are also included in the list of that group who have fur, feathers or spines loss problem. Animals that lose their fur, feathers or spines look very strange and terrifying. Fur or feathers loss in animals and birds is mainly because of old age or due to disease. The scientific name of hair loss from head or other body parts is alopecia. Take a look on the following images of hairless animals. Source: Image Credit:

Dad Creates Awesome Lunch Bag Drawings For His Son

Making school lunch for your kids is very interesting thing but making creative drawings on lunch bag is also interesting and amazing one. A Reddit user welldunn is one of those parents who love making illustrations on his son's school lunch bag. He started his projected for just fulfilling his true passion some two years ago. Now he regularly makes colorful drawings on his son's paper lunch bag to make his son's every day totally awesome. He simply draws on school lunch bag whatever comes to his mind. On the eve of completion of his son's first grade, he posted a collection of his favorite lunch bag illustrations on Reddit. Take a look and get inspiration!

Men with Furry Animal Beards: An Advertising Campaign of Schick

Y&R New Zealand , a creative advertising company made a funny ad campaign named “Free Your Skin” for razor company Schick . The campaign contains a series of promotional photos of men who have unfortunate animal beards. The main focus of the campaign is to demonstrate that shaving is a necessary thing and that every man should do it by using Schick products. Take a look on the following pictures of men with funny beards.

26 Most Creative And Innovative Cup And Mug Designs Ever

Many people think that cups, mugs and glasses are just ordinary things that hold our beverages. Some people show possessiveness in cups, mugs and glasses. Today we are showing you a list of creative and unique mugs, cups and glasses that you have never seen before. These fresh ideas of creative cups will not only make your morning nicer but a great gift idea for your friends. Feel free to give us a feedback in the comments area about one of the best cups or mugs you've liked the most from the list. 1. Bathing Girl Tea Cup Set 2. Cookie Monster Mug 3. MyCuppa Mugs 4. The Pessimist’s Mug 5. Cortado Cup 6. Creature Cups

Flora Borsi Creatively Combine Urban Landscapes With Striking Coffee Swirls

Flóra Borsi is a 20-year-old creative artist from Hungary. She created an amazing series of photo manipulations titled "Coffee Universe". In the series she experienced a unique technique by combining urban natural landscapes with coffee swirls. Borsi says that she fulfil her dream of making visible those things that are physically impossible. In the composite images, sky is replaced with flurries of bronze and white-hued swirls. You can also see her complete work here. Take a look on the following photo manipulations and feel like a cup-of-joe.     source : 

20 People Using The Shadows in The Most Creative Way

You can always take a perfect shot when two of these conditions are met: right perspective, right angle and right light at the right time. Sometimes light and shadow play more important role than anything else to take a funny and powerful perfectly timed photo. As shown in these funny two-faced pictures where photographer making the use of light and shadows in the most creative way. Check out!

Magical Photos of A Dream-Like Forest in Belgium

These stunning photos of a beautiful forest look like they were taken straight out of a fairy tale. But believe me or not, the forest portrayed in these amazing photographs is in fact real. Hallerbos, also known as The Blue Forest located 30 minutes south of Brussels, in Belgium. During spring and early summer the forest is carpeted with bluebell flowers creating the most incredible and magical scene one can ever see.

Creative Geeky Tattoo Art Designs

The trend of making tattoos on the body parts is rising day by day. Different latest trends and styles are now invented and used in the tattoos art design. In many Countries, making of tattoos is the part of a culture and it represents the social status as well. Tattoos also reflect the nature of personality of the person who've carved or painted his body parts. Today we've collected a list of some beautiful, unique and permanent pieces of body tattoos for your inspiration.