20 People Using The Shadows in The Most Creative Way

You can always take a perfect shot when two of these conditions are met: right perspective, right angle and right light at the right time. Sometimes light and shadow play more important role than anything else to take a funny and powerful perfectly timed photo. As shown in these funny two-faced pictures where photographer making the use of light and shadows in the most creative way. Check out!

lol photos

reflection photography

reflection photography-1

perfectly timed photos-4

 shadows photography

lol photos-1

just in time photos-6

just in time photos-1

funny photos-5

funny photos

just in time photos-3

just in time photos-4

perfectly timed photos-1


just in time photos

just in time photos-5

funny photos-1

perfectly timed photos-6

perfectly timed photos

just in time photos-8

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