Breathtaking Photoshoot Taken on A 50-Year-Old Underwater Shipwreck in Bali

These stunning photoshoots are the creation of Montreal-based director and photographer Benjamin Von Wong, well known for his complicated and large-scale productions. In his recent adventure Von Wong has completed an extraordinary and highly ambitious underwater photo session involving 2 models, 7 support divers and a 50-year-old underwater shipwreck off the shores of Bali.

All the photoshoots took place 25 meters below the surface. None of the images below are photoshopped, all the photos are real and Photoshop was only used in post-production. Models, photographer and assistants all had to be trained and everything came out perfectly with absolutely amazing results.

fantasy portrait

fairytale photography

underwater photography

underwater photography, Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong photography bali

Benjamin Von Wong underwater portrait

complicated productions

underwater photoshoot

most breathtaking photos

underwater shipwreck in Bali

underwater shipwreck in Bali-1
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