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NEW And Exciting Collection of Perfectly Timed Photos

We have posted many times about our favorite topic “perfectly timed photos.” But our today’s collection is the most exciting and special one. The internet is full of perfectly timed photos shared by the users who have captured the images from just the right perspective. But in this post we will show you the most representative of this concept. Whether you call them optical illusions, photos taken at just the right moment or perfectly timed photos, they are all hilarious and interesting to look at. So check out our selection of the perfectly timed photos and don’t forget to share which is the most perfect one.

Hyper-realistic Pencil Drawings by Monica Lee

Malaysian artist Monica Lee draws absolutely amazing photo-realistic drawings with the help of graphite pencils. According to Lee, she likes to challenge herself with most complex portraits especially people with freckles or beard. It took her two to three weeks to complete a single drawing. Below is our selection of some of the most wonderful photo-realistic drawing that you may have never seen before.

Stunning Portrait Photography by 21-Year-Old Photographer Christina Hoch

21-year-old Spanish photographer Cristina Hoch captured heart touching portraits of her closed friends and family members. She creatively interplay with high contrasts and low saturations. If you see her photographs, you will observe that the eyes of her subjects are the most distinguishing element of her work. Her portraits show deep emotions and peer right into the viewer's soul. Take a look on the following beautiful portraits of Hoch.

Creatively Bizarre Pencil Drawings of Children’s Tales by Stefan Zsaitsits

Everybody loves humor and fun. Australian artist Stefan Zsaitsits creates fantastic bizarre pencil drawings of human figures and various storybook characters. He used only a pencil and a piece of paper for creating these outstanding drawings. His paintings look more somber and eerie in contrast with many severed body parts and depressing scenes.

These Heartwarming Photos From 50 Years Ago Show What Hasn't Changed About Motherhood

A renowned and award-winning photographer Ken Heyman recently unveiled his old collection of heartwarming photographs titled "Mothers". The collection contains beautiful images of mothers and their children that he shot from all over the world some 50 years ago. He captured all these photos as part of a project for a Pulitzer-nominated book called “Family”. For this purpose he visited more than 60 countries and shot the everyday bliss that mothers and their little children experience together. Below is the list of all those black and white photo collection of Family.

Yumi Okita Creates Incredible Sculptures of Textile Moth and Butterfly

Yumi Okita ia a creative artist from North Carolina. He made beautiful lifelike sculptures of butterflies, moths and other insects. He used various textiles and embroidery techniques to create powdery wings and waving antenna of these outstanding creatures. After watching these creatures, you will definitely fall in love with these masterpieces. The sculptures look like real butterflies. Take a look on the following extraordinary images.

Incredible Fairy Sculptures Dancing in the Wind By Robin Wight

British artist Robin Wight made stunning, dramatic sculptures of winged fairies by using stainless steel wire. The fairy sculptures look like a dancing athlete with dynamic poses, contort their bodies, and hold onto windswept dandelions. The dynamic and lively sculptures are ranges from miniature to life-sized. Robin also creates fairies for private clients as well. Many of his fairy sculptures are displayed on  Trentham Gardens . You can also get more information at .

Artist Leaves Motivational Post-It Note Cartoons In Random Places

Joe Butcher commonly known as October Jones is a prolific writer and illustrator. Recently he presented a unique idea to entertain people. He made funny sticky notes featuring Peppy, a grimly determined cat with some motivational statements. He leaves these notes in the trays of train to amuse unsuspecting fellow commuters. Have a look on the following inspirational sticky images. You can also share them on Facebook and brighten your friends day.

A Grieving Dad Asked Strangers To Photoshop A Photo Of His Daughter After She Passed Away

Today we are posting a most heart touching post for all of you. Nathen Steffel is a Reddit user who's six-weeks-old daughter was passed away due to hepatic hemangioma in the liver. He did a request on Reddit to all Photoshop user to Photoshop the photo of his lost daughter. As her whole life was spent in the children's hospital the father was not able to capture her photo without all her tubes. After his request on the internet he received a lot of great photos, drawings and paintings of her daughter from different strangers.  Little Sophia passed away only six weeks after her birth. She spent her entire short life in the hospital The only photos that her father, Nathan Steffel, had of her were covered in medical tubing, so he asked Reddit’s users to remove them using Photoshop Reddit’s artists and Photoshoppers responded overwhelmingly, sending Steffel their condolences and different interpretations of Sophia’s photo

Artist Telmo Piper Beautifully Recreates His Own Childhood Drawings

Dutch muralist Telmo Pieper turned his childhood drawings into toys. He digitally recreated his childhood paper drawings into the shape of reality with the help of Photoshop. The art series contain toys of weirdest looking animals. Animals like alien looking fly, snail with world’s smallest shell and shoe-shaped whale are the part of his kiddie art series. Take a look and enjoy the memories of your childhood as well.

24 Of The Most Creative And Honest Brand Slogans By Clif Dickens

Branding is something that shows company's good image, credibility and great customer feedback. Some big brands in the world have their on qualities which don't affect their brand's value. Clif Dickens is a creative graphic designer who made fun of global brands by replacing their original slogans with something that turned them into "Honest Slogans". Some of these slogans are pretty on point and hilarious. Take a look on the below mentioned slogans.

Bizarre Photos of People Lying In 7 Days Worth of Their Own Trash

American photographer Gregg Segal has highlighted an important problem of global pollution in his visual series titled, “7 Days of Garbage”. He invited people from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds including  neighbors, acquaintances, friends and near-strangers to put their garbage for one week in his backyard. In the project, he captured photographs of all those people lying in the trash they created in one week. With this project, Segal hopes to raise awareness among society about excess and waste material. Alfie, Kirsten, Miles, and Elly Dana Marsha and Steven

Haunting Photos of Chatillon Car Graveyard in Belgium

There is an graveyard of abandoned and beautiful rusty cars in a forest near of small village in Southern Belgium. The graveyard contains old cars and jeeps that were used by U.S soldiers during their posting at here. After ending of World War II, all military equipment and troops were sent back to the States, but these cars were not shipped because of heavy expenses. So the officials decided to leave all those luxury cars in Belgium. They decided to hidden up all those luxuries from outside world and parked them here in the jungle. At that time there were 4 graveyards containing 500 vehicles but today there is only one graveyard remains. As time passed many cars were decayed and some were stolen by the locals and car collectors.

Woman Transforms Second-Hand Clothes Into Stylish Dresses

Columbia SC based writer and designer Jillian Owens introduced a new designing pattern in the clothes fashion industry. She purchased old but promising clothes from different shops and transform them into chic new dresses.  According to her the main reason behind this idea was to design such a dress that will be cost effective as well as latest trend in the fashion.  She just used a sewing machine and a pair of scissors in transforming shapeless second-hand fabric pieces into elegant dresses. Check out the following examples of her creativity below. If you want to see more of her creative work then visit her  website  and  Facebook  page.

Surreal Self-Portraits by 19-Year-Old Photographer Giulio Musardo

Giulio Musardo is a young Italian rising star on Flickr. He is just 18 years old and in this young age he came in the list of top young conceptual photographers. He creates amazing images and nay visual stories with his camera. He studied in art school for graphic design and photography in southern Italy. He uses digital manipulation in the creation of a dramatic, fantasy-like image. Each of his image contain key elements and after watching you feel that time stands still in the image. Take a look on the following surreal images of Musardo.

Delicious World of Miniature People By William Kass

Brazilian artist and photographer William Kass has created an adventurous series titled Minimize – Food, in which he features miniature people living in an unusually whimsical world. The inventive photographer has created some fantastic scenes using delicious and colorful foods, vegetables, candies fruits and anything that is edible.