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These Awesome Scarves by Roza Khamitova Will Give You Wings Like a Bird

Melbourne-based fashion designer and artist Roza Khamitova has just introduced a creative and stylish series of scarves featuri… Read more

Incredibly Intricate Cut Paper Art by Akira Nagaya

Akira Nagoya is a talented 47 years old Japanese artist. He created beautiful paper cutting featuring impossibly intricate drawi… Read more

Historic Romanian Glass-Plate Photos Transformed Into Modern Day Fine Art

Costica Acsinte was a famous Romanian war photographer who captured some cute happier photographs on glass plates after WWI. Acs… Read more

Heartwarming Moments of History When Humans Chose Compassion Over Violence

Compassion and conflict are two important things in anyone's life. During conflict or violence it is very difficult for som… Read more

These Gifs Were Made Even More Funny With Some Weird Photoshop Tricks

Animated Gifs are the latest trend and everybody used them in different ways. Basically these short loops are used for communic… Read more

24 Coolest Places You Have To Poop At Before You Die

Toilets are inevitable, whether you like it or not. But the following list of unusual and awe-inspiring places that we are talki… Read more

Loving Mother Captures Breathtaking Photos of Her One-Handed Daughter

Holly Spring is not only a creative photographer but also a loving mother based out of New Zealand. She started taking photograp… Read more

Hilarious Guy Inserts Himself into Pop Culture Photo Calendar After Losing The Bet

Henry Stern created an embarrassing pop culture photos calendar. Henry is a football player and he has created this unique calen… Read more

The 28 Best Perfectly Timed Photos of Dogs

Today we've compiled a hilarious collection of perfectly-timed photos of dogs. Every owner loves his or her dog and want to … Read more

Spectacular Aerial Views of Iceland by Sarah Martinet

France-based photographer Sarah Martinet got the opportunity to shoot these stunning landscapes from a plane with open windows … Read more

Striking Photographs of People Living Alone in the Forest

Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko compiled a unique photo series of people who leave everything behind and live in total iso… Read more

These Before-And-After Photos Of Rescued Dogs Will Grab You by The Heart

Every single month hundreds of animals get abandoned and left for dead. When animal abused and left on the street, they have to… Read more

These Hand-Cut Paper Illustrations by Maude White Are Just Amazing

U.S.-based artist Maude White created an incredibly beautiful intricate paper artwork. She didn't used machines for cutting… Read more

Hilarious Guy Proposes to Five Princesses and One Villain At Disney World

Blaine Gibson is a creative member of the Austin-based production studio Rooster Teeth. He is a man on very special mission to … Read more

20 Most Incredible Nature And Wildlife Photographs

Our earth is full of strange and diverse natural phenomena. Today we've compiled a list of some truly awe- inspiring scenes … Read more

IXION: A Private Windowless Jet Offers Breathtaking Views of Outside

Technicon Design, an International agency presented a new concept design of its Ixion private jet. The new concept replaced wind… Read more

Adorable Photo Series Depicts Kids Fighting Scary Monsters

Talented photographer and retoucher Laure Fauvel presented a unique and creative imagination of kids in her playful photo series… Read more

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