Hilarious Guy Proposes to Five Princesses and One Villain At Disney World

Blaine Gibson is a creative member of the Austin-based production studio Rooster Teeth. He is a man on very special mission to get married not to anyone. He is actually looking for a Disney princess to marry. So for this purpose, Gibson picked up an engagement ring and went to Walmart to propose all of his favorite princesses.

He manage to take some romantic and breathtaking snaps while he got on one knee to propose to propose Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Rapunzel even Gaston and his final shot with Tinkerbell is just awesome. Take a look!

It'll never work. One of them is from a dangerous place 
where humanity cannot survive. And the other is from the ocean.


I always pictured Cinderella with a more sleeved man.


Jasmine is clearly hip to this guy's game. 


Come on now! Tinkerbell isn't even a princess. 
And isn't she supposed to be six-inches tall?



I'm starting to question the seriousness of this guy's intentions.


Not in Florida's current political climate.


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