Vintage B&W Photos Brought Back To Life Through Colors

Photo editor Wayne Degan takes old, black and white photographs and skillfully adds color pigments to them through Photoshop that brings a new life to the portraits. His passion for colorizing old photos prompted him to start a website that is completely dedicated to the process of breathing new life to dull and old monochromatic images.

Depending on the detail of the image the process of colorization can take anywhere from two to twenty hours. Below we have put together a collection of black and white photos that has been brought back to life after being reproduced in full color. This collection features number of television stars, celebrities, vintage babes and photos of hot and sexy models that you may have never seen before. Take a look!

hot sexy models

colorizing old photos

historic photos restored in color

history babes

hot histrory photos

hot sexy models pictures

colorizing old photos-1

black and white photos in color

B&W Photos in color

celebrities photos

hot vintage babes

B&W Photos in color-1


Iconic photos

process of colorization-1

process of colorization

vintage photos colorized-3

process of colorization-2
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