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Digitally Painted Dreamlike Worlds by Artist Gediminas Pranckevicius

Surreal artist and illustrator Gediminas Pranckevicius from Lithuania, creates beautiful fantasy art and Surreal landscape images by diligent, efficient digital painting techniques. After seeing his landscapes you will feel that you are whisked off into a dream world. Mostly he used blended colors and soft light to create imaginative surreal Worlds. You can see his complete work by visiting his website or Facebook page. Check out the bizarre yet fantastic digitally painted worlds by the great surreal artist.

40 Of The Most Fascinating Abandoned Places Around The World

If you are making up your mind to visit some haunting places around the world then I would suggest you that nothing is more fascinating to look at than a ghostly abandoned town.  Each and every abandoned place or town has its own special charm describing the stories of those who used to live, work and pray there. We have already published a post about beautiful abandoned places around the world but our today collection feature some new and unseen places left abandoned or simply forgotten.  Check out our collection of latest, most incredible and fascinating abandoned places around the world. A tree growing through an abandoned piano Overgrown palace, Poland Jet Star Rollercoaster, Seaside Heights, New Jersey Abandoned House in the Woods Church in St. Etienne, France

Incredibly Beautiful Creatures Made Out of Recycled Paper

Belgium-based ad agency Soon recently introduce an innovative idea in creativity and design a new unexpected product. Jim Van Raemdonck was the director, Phoebe De Corte and Dries Caeckebeke were the graphic designers and Claar De Waele and Sil De Boeck were the assistants in the creative team who designed the colorful paper illustrations. They flipped through old newspapers and magazines and selected a huge variety of colorful paper to create amazing body organs of every creature. Soon created these paper insects and bugs for paper company IGEPA Benelux. Check out the images of incredible paper insects.

Cute Chalk-Drawn Characters on the Streets of Ann Arbor By David Zinn

Self-taught artist and illustrator David Zinn has created amazing illustrations with chalk and charcoal on the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Zinn used every piece of found objects and street fixtures on the spot to create illusion. His colorful illusional work put smiles on the faces of passers. You can see plenty of his work on his Facebook page and in his book, Lost & Unfounded: Street Art by David Zinn which was published in 2013. Check out the creative work here below. All images courtesy by the artist. Scroll down for video.

Famous Photographs from History Recreated with John Malkovich As The Subject

American photographer Sandro Miller recreated iconic historical photographs by using legend Hollywood actor John Malkovich as a model. Talented photographer says that he created these pictures to honor the work of those photographers who inspired him. In all the recreated portraits, Malkovich acted as the main subject. Miller skillfully retained the original image's lighting, mood, and composition in portraits. Have a look on the following recreated images and you will surely in trouble that whether they are full recreations or a simple face-pasting Photoshop work.

15 Dogs That Look Like Other Creatures

You may have read and hopefully enjoyed our post featuring cats posing like pin-up girls . However these dogs below have taken this concept to a totally new level. You may have noticed many a time that your dog is although acting like a normal dog but does it really look like a dog? Our today's post is about all those dogs and puppies that sometimes look like other creatures and things. Take a look at these cute photos and give us your feedback in the comment section below that which picture you have liked the most. We hope that all the images will surely amuse all of you and brighten your day.

The Reykjavik Police Have The Cutest Things On Their Instagram Account

Reykjavík, Iceland is renowned as the safest metropolitan place in the world. The credit goes to the Reykjavík Police Officers and the whole department as their is very low crime rate. Like many other police departments, Reykjavik Police Department has also close relationship with dogs and puppies. Today we've very special collection to show you some crazy photos of puppies and kittens of Reykjavík Police Department on their Instagram account. These photographs reveals the love of police officers for these pets and showing their all day activities. we hope that these photos will surely entertain all of you. check out!

Artist Creates Incredibly Realistic Finger Paintings On His iPad

Spanish artist Jaime Sanium Qabo created incredibly realistic digital paintings with his own fingers. Amazing thing about his creative art is that he didn't use any canvass for that purpose but uses iPad for creating these awesome paintings. For these type of paintings he uses a sketching and painting app to create finger paintings. He has graduated in fine arts and also wrote some doctoral thesis on art and new techniques in art. Check out the below mentioned list of highly realistic paintings. Long Wait.. Lynx Pardinus

Rafael Mantesso Stars A Bull Terrier In His Imaginative Series of Portraits

Creative instagram user and editor-in-chief of a Brazilian gastronomy marketing website, Rafael Mantesso has created a fun series of photographs starring his adorable bull terrier Jimmy Choo. After Mantesso divorced with his ex-wife, she took everything with her leaving behind an empty white house, so he decided to fill the space with hilarious illustrations that are funny enough to put a smile on your face.

This Unlikely Friendship Between A Cat And Owl Guaranteed To Melt Your Heart

Forbi an owl and Cleo a cat are two close friends that make their owner proud. They are owned by Brazilian biologist André Costa. Costa got positive response from viewers and a lot of friend requests after posting their playful video on his Facebook page. Both live together and know each other from their earliest ages. Mr Forbi is much cooler than Miss Cleo and accepts every challenge from naughty Miss Cleo. We've posted some of their amazing shots in our today's post. via :

32 Of The Most Terrifying Sea Creatures You Didn’t Know Existed

Our world is full of some of the strangest, weird and most terrifying creatures. Some of them live on earth and some of them live beneath the surface of the waves. Today we are going to introduce you with some of the most terrifying deep sea creatures of the planet earth. Some of them are exotic and newly discovered and you have never seen them before in your life. Take a look on the following images of weird and bizarre creatures of sea and oceans.

Latest Trend: Cartoonbombing By French Illustrator Troqman

French art director and illustrator Troqman created some cute and funny illustrations and sketches by inserting his creations into reality. Instead of photo-bombing pictures, he introduced a new trend of web-cartoon bombing. In these cartoon-bombing images he draw cartoons to fit in with his surroundings. Have a look on the latest trend in funny images!

New Adorable Photo Series of Underwater Puppies By Seth Casteel

New York based award-winning photographer Seth Casteel who became internet-sensation back in 2012 when his wonderful photo series of underwater dogs went viral on the internet. He continued to delight us with a new and exciting “Underwater Puppies” photo series which will be published as a book on September 16th 2014, which is I think will be the only cuter thing than Underwater Dogs. We are happy enough to show you some breathtaking new shots from the series “Underwater Puppies by Seth Casteel.

Creative Mother Transforms 2-Year-Old Daughter's Sketches into Beautiful Paintings

Intelligent Canadian artist Ruth Oosterman creates beautiful watercolor paintings with collaboration to her 2-year-old daughter Eve. This mother and daughter collaborations start early this year. Two year old creates her own sketches then her mother took these sketches and adds water watercolors to them resulting into a gorgeous work of art that I hope you will admire.

Stunning Quilled Paper Art by Yulia Brodskaya

Moscow based artist and graphic designer Yulia Brodskaya creates brilliant work of art using quilled paper technique. Unlike other artist and sculpturist he don’t use expensive material and complicated tools instead paper and glue. She amazingly roll or bend the multi-colored strips of paper into stunning three-dimensional patterns by gluing their side to the surface. Below is our pick of the most creative and breathtaking collection of illustrations by Yulia Brodskaya that I hope will make you look twice.

A Dog Dressed Up As A Giant Spider Sends Unsuspecting Victims Into A Fit Of Terror

A Polish prankster, Sylwester Wardega has just come up with the most terrifying yet hilarious prank we've ever seen. She dressed his dog Chica up in a giant spider costume, and then went for a walk at night to scare some unsuspecting strangers. Wardega filmed the terrified yet hilarious reactions of some unlucky people that will make you laugh out loud! via :