17-Year-Old Transforms Himself Into Famous Celebrities

Most of us try different things and adopt various strategies to get famous on the internet but Liam Martin a 17-year-old guy from New Zealand has done it in totally different way. He has become an overnight online sensation by creating these humorous imitations of various celebrities and film characters. With over 1.8 million Instagram followers Liam Martin is now a real Instagram star. Check out some of his most creative, funny and best celebrity impressions to date.

Liam Martin,waverider

celebrity impressions Liam Martin1

Liam Martin a 17-year-old

 Liam Martin transformations

Liam Martin, New Zealand

Liam Martin


transformation makeover

overnight online sensation

Instagram star

Instagram star, impersonations of famous people

Instagram star Liam Martin

Funny, waverider, celebrity impressions

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celebrity impressions 1

Instagram star Liam Martin1

celebrity impressions Liam Martin

celebrity impressions

famous celebrity impressions
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