Funny Cartoon Eyes for Cats is The Best New Photo Trend

Some intelligent cat owners in Japan came up with a hilarious new photo trend called the ‘Cat Montage’ or ‘Neko Montaaju’, that give their cats funny cartoon eyes by placing hand-drawn strips of paper in front of the cat’s face.

A Japanese Twitter user Shiratamaaaa started the trend by uploading the photo of cat with cartoon or anime eyes along with a caption saying, “If you have a cat, you should try Neko Montaaju”! The picture was retweeted nearly four thousand times and inspired other peoples also to partake in this brilliant trend.

hilarious new trend

funny cartoon eyes for cats

new photo trend, Cat Montage

funny cartoon eyes for cats-1

anime eyes, cat anime eyes

cartoon cat eyes

funny cartoon eyes for cats-5

cartoon eyes for cat

funny cartoon eyes for cats -2

funny cartoon eyes for cats-4

Neko Montaaju

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