Hilarious Photos Series Answering, “What If Guys Acted Like Girls On Instagram”?

Inspired by the question, “what if guys acted like girls,” Ashley Hesseltine in a blog post on Witty + Pretty asked her friends to take same type of snaps as the most women tend to create on their Instagram accounts.

Other guys across Instagram also started posting photos of themselves while eating cupcakes, showing off new outfits, drinking pumpkin and other skinny pictures that are usually can be seen on girls’ Instagram accounts and the results are just hilarious. 

guys acted like girls

what if guys acted like girls

funny Instagram pics-3

funny Instagram pics

funny Instagram pics-4

what if guys acted like girls-5

what if guys acted like girls-2

guys acted like girls-1

what if guys acted like girls1

hilarious photos

what if guys acted like girls-3

funny Instagram pics2
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