The Incredible Art of Rock Balancing by Michael Grab

After seeing the stunning artwork of Michael Grab for a while I can’t understand whether he is an artist or a magician. You might be thinking that which types of tricks Michael Grab uses to balance these seemingly impossible structures, the answer is nothing! The land artist achieves these astonishing rock formations by his extraordinary sense of balance and patience.
“Over the past few years of practicing rock balance, simple curiosity has evolved into therapeutic ritual, ultimately nurturing meditative presence, mental well-being, and artistry of design.”
rock balancing by Michael Grab

balanced rock sculptures

Michael Grab sculpture

art of gravity

gravity sculpture

balancing rock

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balanced rock sculptures, Michael Grab sculpture

balanced rock sculptures by Michael Grab2

balanced rock sculptures by Michael Grab1

balanced rock sculptures by Michael Grab

balancing art, art of gravity, gravity sculpture

gravity glue, michael grab

michael grab artist

balanced rock sculptures by Michael Grab4

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